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In 2017, the economy has shown a huge acceptance towards cryptocurrency, the first recognizable form of Digital Asset, as a medium of exchange and store of value. In 2017, Bitcoin has experienced a growth of over 1,300% valuing at US$14,000 by the end of 2017. Ethereum, the smart contract platform, which brought the ICO craze to the market, has increased by over 9100% in 2017 valuing at US$ 756 by the end of 2017.

Seemingly, the exceptional performance of cryptocurrency and the lucrative upside opportunities in ICOs has attracted many retail investors into the market. Over 90 crypto-asset funds have been set up in 2017 alone, focused solely on cryptocurrencies.

However, does the retail investors really acknowledge all the risk involved in investing in Crypto-asset and ICOs?

We have gladly invited David Demmer from Cryptam, a cryptocurrency investment firm, to tell us about the risk of investing in crypto-assets, boiling down a variety of different risk measurements to be considered. We have also invited Nio Liyanage, Jack Haung, Nicole Pabello and Max Song to repesent the perspective from a traditional venture capitalist, ICO advisor and investor and Crypto Exchange.

  1. Presentation by David Gerhard Demmber, Co-Founder and CEO of Cryptam


Finance 101 (Return/ Risk/Correlation)
Market risk vs idiosyncratic risk
Correlation of BTC vs traditional assets
Market risk as beta risk factor
Different risks Credit risk definition
Counterparty risk

  1. Panel Discussion on Risk and Return of Crypto-Assets and ICO


Nio Liyanage – Director at Betatron (Venture Capitalist)

Jack Haung – Founder and CEO of One Block (ICO Advisor and Investor)

David Demmer – Co-Founder, CEO & CIO of Cryptam (Cryptocurrency Investment Firm)

Nicole Pabello – Blockchain Partnerships Manager at Gatecoin (Cryptocurrency Exchange)

Max Song – President at Hong Kong Digital Asset Investment Association


1845 – 1900 Registration

1900 – 1930 Risk and Return of Crypto-Assets and ICOs

1930 – 2015 Panel Discussion

2015 – 2030 Q&A

2030 – 2100 Networking

Beers and Drinks will be served at the event. Please enjoy!

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